Our Trees

We anticipate our choose and cut fields will be ready for cutting in 2028. We currently have the following species growing:

Blue Spruce

Popular Christmas tree due to the unique bluish hue. Stiff branches hold ornaments well. Needles are 1-3 inches and can be sharp to the touch.

Balsam Fir

America's traditional Christmas tree. The needles are 3/4 – 1 and 1/2 in. in length and last a very long time. Its solid layered branches allow it to accommodate heavy ornaments.

Canaan Fir

Similar to the Fraser and Balsam fir varieties and fairly new to the Christmas tree industry. It derives its name from the Canaan Valley in West Virginia.

Fraser Fir

A quality Christmas tree best known for its pleasant scent, pyramidal shape, and excellent needle retention. The silvery green soft needles make it a family favorite.

Seedlings are planted in the spring and watered over the summer. Shearing starts 2-3 years after the seedlings are transplanted and is necessary to give the tree the traditional Christmas tree shape.

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